Rehabilitation Centre in Nawanshahr

Rehabilitation Centre in Nawanshahr

Rehabilitation Centre in Nawanshahr – Convert your toxic lifestyle into a healthy way of living by choosing us.

Addiction to any toxic substance like drugs and alcohol can bring disastrous consequences to your life. You must know that addiction can destroy your life as well as the life of your loved ones as they are dependent on you. In recent times, there is a rise in these cases of substance abuse and addictions nationwide. A large no. of the population in Punjab is addicted to various kinds of intoxicants. Therefore, many rehabilitation centres were established in Punjab to cure these victims of toxic substance abuse.

Lifeline Foundations is one of the leading Nasha Mukti Kendra in Nawanshahr. Particularly, we are known for our reputation and name in treating substance abuse patients with our latest technology equipment. We have a 100% recovery rate and have treated more than thousands of patients.

Treatment our Rehabilitation Centre in Nawanshahr provide

  • Detox treatment
  • De-addiction to drugs
  • De-addiction to alcohol
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment
  • Counselling as well as therapy

Importance of our Rehabilitation Centre in Nawanshahr

  • Firstly, an addict must get counselling as well as the right therapy on time from a rehab centre.
  • Secondly, it leaves a positive impact on a person suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and the people around them.
  • Thirdly, it assists you in getting over the situation and helps in converting your toxic life back into a normal life.
  • Lastly, highly qualified doctors and counsellors help you to quit your destructive habits as well as set new boundaries.

Professional Rehabilitation Centre

Treating patients who have an addiction problem or substance abuse is not that easy. Hence, one should have professional knowledge and experience to handle this situation. Our Rehabilitation Centre in Nawanshahr is a prominent drug and alcohol rehab centre in Punjab with a comprehensive as well as an integrated process for de-addicting patients. Our professional therapists and counsellors treat patients with the latest equipment that they have ever wished for. In addition, we know very well how to handle complicated situations in a friendly manner. Our rehab centre provides individual treatment to serve a long-term recovery to our patients. We help in converting a negative mindset of a person to a positive one. Therefore, we are always there with you in the process of recovery and provide you with satisfaction.

Benefits of choosing our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Nawanshahr

  • 100% treatment guarantee
  • Best counsellors and therapists
  • Affectionate toward our patients
  • Magnificent infrastructure and result-driven programs
  • World-class facilities for treatment
  • Healthy and Hygienic environment

Get the best de-addiction treatment from us. Call us now.

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