Rehabilitation Centre in Moga

Rehabilitation Centre in Moga – Addiction is a very challenging issue. It affects millions of individuals worldwide including the state of Punjab in India. Substance abuse especially drug and alcohol addiction has become a major problem in Punjab, recasting the establishment of rehabilitation Centres to provide a ray of hope to those seeking recovery and a path towards a bright future. In this article, we will explore the importance of our Rehabilitation centre in Moga, our services and the impact we provide on the lives of drug-addicted patients and their family members.

Lifeline Foundations – Best Rehabilitation Centre in Moga

Lifeline Foundations is known as the best Rehabilitation Centre in Moga.  We are a specialized centre designed to help individuals recover from substance abuse as well as drug addiction. In addition, we offer a supportive and comfortable environment where individuals can address the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of addiction.

Need of our Rehabilitation Centre in Moga

Moga is a city in Punjab. It has recognized the need for rehabilitation Centres to combat the growing drug addiction crises. Our centre plays an important role in providing a safe environment for individuals to seek recovery.  However, by offering a comprehensive treatment approach and services our Rehabilitation Centre in Moga can address the unique challenges faced by individuals who are suffering from addiction. It helps them embark on the path to rehabilitation as well as long-term recovery.

Services are offered at our De-addiction Centre

Rehabilitation Centre in Moga

Our Rehabilitation centre can offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of drug-addicted patients. These services include

  • Medical Detoxification – For individuals with physical dependence on alcohol as well as drugs, medical detoxification is provided under the supervision of our experienced healthcare professionals to manage withdrawal symptoms safely.
  • Individual counselling – Our one-on-one counselling with trained therapists helps individuals explore the underlying causes of their addiction, develop coping strategies and work towards sustained recovery.
  • Group therapy – Our group therapy offers a supportive environment. Here, individuals can share their experiences, gain insights from others as well as, and build a good sense of community.
  • Behavioural Therapy – Evidence-based behavioural therapies such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) help individuals modify destructive patterns of thinking and behaviour and promote positive change.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Many individuals with substance abuse disorders also experience some mental health issues. Our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Moga addresses this by providing treatment for both addictions and mental health conditions.

Experience Team

At Lifeline Foundations, Rehabilitation Centre in Moga we believe that experience of our team is very important in delivering effective rehabilitation services. Therefore, our team consists of highly qualified doctors, therapists, counsellors and support staff who are able to help individuals on their journey to recovery.

The cost of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is an investment in someone’s life and future. While the cost of rehabilitation depends upon the treatment and the services provided. Our Rehabilitation Centre in Moga strives to make therapy accessible to those in need.


In conclusion, our Rehabilitation Centre in Moga is a beacon of hope offering a path to recovery, healing and a brighter future for individuals who are battling drug addiction. Through our dedication, expertise and 24×7 support, we can help transform their lives as well as build a healthier, drug-free society.

Address – Suraj Nagar, Moga Punjab.

Contact Details – 91 7270033333


What type of addiction do you treat at Lifeline Foundations – Rehabilitation Centre in Moga?

At Lifeline Foundations Rehabilitation Centre in Moga, we provide treatment for a wide range of substance addictions, including drugs, alcohol and smoking. Our comprehensive program caters to the requirements of each individual ensuring a holistic approach to recovery.

How can I get started with Rehabilitation at Lifeline Foundations?

Getting started with Rehabilitation at Lifeline Foundations is as simple as reaching out to our customer care team. They will guide you through the initial assessment process and help you offer the most suitable treatment options for your unique requirements.

How long does the Rehabilitation program at Lifeline Foundations last?

The duration of our rehabilitation program depends upon the individual requirements. While some individual may require shorter stay other wants long-term treatment.

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